Outdoor SPA

Which models are recommended to be installed in coastal areas?

We'd recommend Spatec 450B 750B 850B and 950B as they have an aluminium structure (the other spas have a galvanised steel structure which can be damaged in coastal areas due to salinity).

SPA maintenance

Maintenance is very simple, all you need to do is keep the right amount of pH and bromine levels and schedule the ozone cleaning to run at least 4 hours a day.

Finally clean the paper filter with water every week and replace it every 6 months.

You will find all the details in the user's manual for outdoor SPA.

From our website, you can purchase the spa maintenance kit, which includes all the products necessary for correct water levels.

Remember that it is advisable to change the water every 6 months even if the water is clear.

How is the SPA assembled and installed?

SPAs are sent fully assembled, all you have to do is place it on a flat and stable surface, preferably concrete. Once it's been placed, you'll have to connect it to a 220V electrical socket with a grounding point that can withstand 2KW-10KW (depending on the model). This installation will have to be carried out by a qualified electrician.
You will find all the details in the user's manual for outdoor SPAs.

Does the spa need a water connection?

No, the SPA does not need a water connection, it can be easily filled using a hose.

The spa water has become cloudy

In this case, we recommend that you check the water levels (bromine and pH) and increase the daily filtering hours.

I won't be using the outdoor spa for a long period of time, what should I do?

If you are not going to use the spa for an extended period of time, we recommend that you disconnect the spa completely from the power supply, drain the spa through the drain valve, remove the filter, and clean and dry the spa with a soft cloth.  

Remember that if your used filter is out of the spa for more than a week, you will need to replace the outdoor spa filter with a new one.

In the case of very cold climates, we recommend leaving the spa filled up and setting it at a low temperature so that the water does not freeze; another option would be to drain the spa completely and disconnect it from the mains, in this case we'd recommend:
- Completely disconnect the spa from the power supply.
- Completely drain the spa.
- Thoroughly clean the spa (walls and bottom).
- Vacuum out any water that may remain in the lines to prevent it from freezing and causing damage.

SPA takes too long to heat up

Don't worry as it takes approximately 1 hour per degree for the spa to warm up, it can take up to 24 hours to reach the desired temperature when first installed, depending on the outside temperature and the initial water temperature.

What is the cover used for in the outdoor Spas?

The cover is very important and has several functions, as it is used to economise and bring the spa up to temperature more quickly, to prevent leaves and dirt from falling into the water when it is not in use and to protect the spa from the sun and extend its lifespan.

How do I drain the spa?

All of our outdoor spas have a drain valve on one side of the spa where you can also connect a hose to take the water to a desired point.

How do I access the inside (pumps and electrics) of the spa?

Our spas have side skirt-panels that can be easily removed to access its interior if necessary.

Can I choose the filtering hours?

Yes, from the control panel, you can choose the filtering settings and select the hours of the day you prefer.  

We recommend a minimum of 4 hours of filtering per day for good water maintenance.

Filter cleaning

To ensure good performance of the SPA, we recommend the external spa filter is removed weekly and cleaned with pressurised water to remove any impurities it may have. Once it is clean, place it back in the skimmer.

Can I schedule or control my outdoor spa functions when I'm not home?

Yes you can, using the Balboa Wifi / Gecko Wifi accessory. You can connect your spa via wifi and control its functions directly from your mobile or tablet.
This product is only compatible with the following models: Spatec 450B, 500B, 700B, 750B, 800B, 850B and 950B.

What is the ozone used for in spas?

Ozone disinfects the water and also helps the chemical products that are added to the water to work even better, such as bromine, so less chemical products are used and needed.

How to prepare your spa for winter?

1. Unplug the spa.

2. Drain the water through the drain valve until the spa has no water in it.

3. Remove the filters. Remember you will need to use new filters before you use the SPA again.

4. Unplug the pumps - circulation, heater, whirlpool, air, etc., meaning: disconnect the pumps to allow the water to drain from the plumbing to neutralize the risk of internal condensation.

5. Dry the pipes: Any water left in the pipes can be sucked out of the air and water jets through a liquid suction pump. Make sure the spa jets are open before performing this operation.

6. Drain any remaining water from the bottom of the spa.

The water in the outdoor hot tub is green or smells bad.

To solve this problem, empty the spa, clean it and refill it.

To prevent this from happening again, remember to maintain the correct pH and bromine levels and increase the hours of daily filtering.

Remember that it is advisable to change the water every 6 months even if the water is clear.

How to remove the skirt of the Spatec 450B, 850B and 950B outdoor hot tubs?

To remove the skirts of the outdoor spa, you have to follow the steps shown in the picture, normally the skirt that needs to be removed for the electrical installation is the one under the control panel:

  1. You can use the hook included with the SPA, an Allen key or similar.
  2. On the side of the skirt there is a strip of aluminium, insert the hook and prise it out.
  3. Remove the aluminium strip (to reinstall it, just put it back on and tap it carefully in order to avoid damaging it).
  4. Unscrew and remove the rectangular puller underneath the skirt.
  5. You can now remove the skirt by detaching the lower part and sliding it downwards.

To reinstall it, just follow the same steps in reverse.

Balboa Wifi Manual

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